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About freelancers and removing feedback

It is a little weird, because I working as a freelancer too, and know some problems on the other side. 


Short- I had a contract, I send a bug, freelancer was on some trip 3 weeks, I tell him, no problem when you back please fix the bug. After 3 weeks he not answer and tell me that he is busy. I close the contract, and he removed my feedback. But his feedback stays, and my response to this feedback is not live. There are several levels of a bad situation.


1. If a freelancer has the power to remove feedback, why his feedback stays, it is not transparency, and legal, if he removes feedback, it is logical to all feedback be to remove not just from client. Now only his response is live, it is not right.


2. Why at least my response on his feedback is removed too? Now on my profile is only one feedback and only from a freelancer  ?

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And I now remember one more level about this contract and situation, except why my feedback is twice removed from main feedback and from the response.



  Solving bugs is religion, some first amendment in the freelance world. He worked actively on the project, and the bug showed up.  We can see in messages, he makes lie + deception, he tells that will back from a trip for 3 weeks, it means after a trip finished he will start solving the bug. Right? He made deception and lie,waste my time, because when his trip finished he tell - not have time. All that messages Upwork can check and I have proof. You do not need like a client you can quite contract, but go away from bug from your current job is shame for all, you can solve bug and says: ok it is from me . But he not solve bug, lie about solving and dead line, with this he not respect self, me, Upwork and freelance.


It means - he makes a lie, make deception, broke first amendment to not solving bug ( and after 3 weeks) , and now he removed my feedback and leave his and one more bad level- he lied on this feedback, and Upwork this allow.






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Hi Aleksandar,


Thanks for sharing your experience. Removing a contract's feedback to exercise more control over a Freelancer's Job Success Score (JSS) is one of the perks of the Top Rated program. It's only available to freelancers who have a record of delivering great results on their contracts and who, therefore earned Top Rated status. At least three months must pass and at least 10 new jobs on Upwork must be completed before they can submit another request. So please know, this is not something that happens often. 


That said, I'd like the team to further check on your response not showing under the freelancer's feedback so they'll reach out to you directly via a ticket shortly.

~ Valeria

Thanks, Valeria, it means my response, reply  on his main feedback must be visible, now is some bug?


I know about removing feedback and 10 jobs, and this is a nice and good option. But I talking about leaving freelancer feedback live, this part is very weird and not transparent and democracy. If you allow  to freelancer remove clients' feedback, then in this case and freelancer feedback must be hidden too, On several levels it is wrong. I can not understand why you leave freelancer feedback in this case, when you delete clients feedback.


I have another question. About the situation about bugs, lie about back from trip and job. We have a current contract, and freelancer active working on it, bug shows up, he makes lie on active contract and make for my projects a lot of losses, and I have proof about lie and deception in active contract. He working on the project, show up the bug, I send him the bug, he said- I am on trip 3 weeks, I said, ok please solve it when you back. When he back, he not solve, and after again my request he tell that not have time. Project was complex and for a new freelancer to dive into projects need time, and I wait for him. In active project, he does not solve bugs, lies about solving, and make losses. Do I have some rights? 



Hi Aleksandar,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. Regarding your protection, we do have Hourly and Fixed price protection for clients.
Upwork Hourly Protection allows you to dispute an agency or freelancer’s hours if you feel that you have been billed for more time than they worked on your project. To learn more about this check out this Help Article

If this is a fixed price contract and you would like to submit a refund request, follow the instructions in this Help Article
I don't know the details about your contract, but I would also recommend communicating further with your freelancer and I hope that you will come to an agreement that will benefit both sides. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks Goran for advice, I make now request for a part refund, I just wanted to ask and talk for the reason why in a situation when freelancer set deleting feedback you leave feedback of freelancer. It is like in court, one side can speak and explain the event, and second, it can not. If you delete feedback from a client, it is ok to be hidden all, maybe to be visible the only name of the contract  .I not feel good about this situation, because as i mentored i active working as freelancer too, and know that they have a lot of problems, on this contract I tried to be very nice, I not had problems, he not tell me. I send specifications, he added hours, he never tells me about some problems. And I just send him the bug and get very unprofessional behavior and losses. And now on my profile is only his feedback....

Hi Aleksandar,

I understand your frustration with this, and as Valeria already explained this is a per available only to Top Rated freelancers. There are also several requirements that the freelancer needs to fulfill in order to be able to use this perk. 

If you need help with finding a freelancer for your job let me know and our team will reach out to you to assist you further. Thank you.

~ Goran

Same happened to me.
A frelacer which worked for me over 2 years became more and more lazy and sluggy.
At the end her code destroyed the whole project and I had to start ober $50000 wree destroyed.

More worse she billed time, which she spent on other clients and private browsing.
At the end I had to stop the contract to ensure the new project will be a success..

Also here she deleted my feedback, but hers stays on my client account. Which is absolutely not acceptable.


I lost money and reputation and she wals away.


I will not trust Upwork on their stars and top rating programs any more. There were already several Top rated candidates which failed, I guess its about that cumbersome rating on Upwork.

Same happened to me.

A freelancer which worked for me over 3 years was using an auto-clicker software in the last year.

I reported it to upwork .... Upwork advise him.

The freelancer continue to use the auto-clicker, upwork advise him ...

The freelancer do not stop using the auto-clicker at all ...

Upwork did not take care of this ... 


I ended the contract and ask for a partial refund for the work the freelancer did in the past 2 months ...

Upwork did nothing about it.


The freelancer give me a one star feedback also with a bad review.

I lost money and reputation.


On top of this ... 2 months later I've checked the freelancer profile ... He's now a Top Rated Plus freelancer.

.... and he was steeling me time and money.


I will not trust Upwork on their stars and top rating programs either.

Hi Martin,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your experience with a freelancer. I see that you are already communicating with the relevant team via a support ticket here. One of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible to assist you further. Please don't hesitate to follow up with them on your support ticket if you have additional questions regarding your concern. 


Thank you.


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The reason this feature exists is very often clients abuse their "power". I've been working in upwork for several years and have used this feature just once after a client that was extremely unreasonable left a bad review. 

I'm top-rated and have 100% success score, this is actually a very hard achievement in upwork. Only those freelancers can get access to this "perk" that is entirely justified. 

In your case, just file for a dispute and get your money back. 


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