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Accidentally paid bonus rather than the due amount


I re-hired a local freelancer that I previously worked with, for new hourly project on the job titled **Edited for Community Guidelines**

After he logged manual time for two hours and finished the project, I did not know how to pay him so I added $60 as bonus ($30 per hour) as his fee. I informed the freelancer, paid him his money in the form of bonus and so the job was completed successfuly. He even left me a good feedback. 

However, under payments and billing section I can still see that $60 is currently due. I think it's because I added his entire pay as bonus. I simply did not know how it's done, since this is the second time I hired a person and it's my first time hiring on an hourly contract (so things were slightly confusing for me).

I got an email that failure of this due payment will result in a suspention. However my freelancer is already paid the full amount in the form of bonus. He already knows this.as I've notified him. 

Now, what should I do in this case?


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Shummas,


Could you please share more details with me via PM (click on my name) about the contract or the freelancer you`re referring to? Thank you.

~ Goran


Please check your PMs.