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Account Closure Warning

I'm a client spending thousands of dollars each month. We spent over $50000 so far on oDesk.


We got a second warning today that our account will be closed because of the following reasons

- improvement in freelancer concerns
- awards made to an applicant within two weeks of posting a job
- payment to freelancers within two weeks of hiring

It's strange because our overall rating is 4.75 and we didn't have any disputes with freelancers. I asked for specific reason for this message but only get canned response saying they want to keep the community 'safe'.

There are freelancers who have been working with us for more than 3 years here.
Whatever they are saying is not helpful at all because they didn't say what we are doing wrong.

After we got the first warning we decided it's not wise to keep all the eggs in one basket.
After the second message I'm more like this basket is not safe at all.

It's beyond me why would they want to kick out a perfectly fine client for no reason. Although I'm irritated by this I'm also puzzled by this nonsense.

Did any other clients get this message? What could be the reason behind this?



There are strange happenings on both sides. For the freelancer and client. A lot of people have complaints, unfortunately.


Hi Seralathan,

Thanks for the post and your inquiries into Support. As we can't get into specifics here on the forum regarding your account and activity, I encourage you to work directly with Customer Support if you need further information on the notices you've received. 

I tried that. I only get vague replies that practically says nothing.


I asked to escalate the issue, same thing, same reply from a different person. Still don't know what we did or doing wrong. 


It seems so stupid because why would somebody want to interrupt a passive stream of income to their business without a valid reason.


Only thing I can think of is that the inability to handle the rapid growth and side effect of that growth "abusers".