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Not personally

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William G Member Since: Aug 30, 2013
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Have any of you experienced your developer's account becoming suspended for no reason?
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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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Not personally, but there are a lot of forum threads where accounts get suspended and it is usually always for some reason. There is financial suspension which means they can work but not withdraw money. This happens for a lot of reasons, one of their clients has complained and wants a refund, there is suspicion that the contractor's account has been hacked, etc..etc... The other is work suspension where they cannot use their account at all. This is more serious and can have a ton of reasons why. But it does happen and I think oDesk usually gives a reason, eventually.
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Robert S Member Since: Aug 5, 2011
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I do have a personal friend that acted as both a freelancer and a client as needed. His account was temporarily suspended once because the credit card he had on file on his client side expired. This froze all of his projects both freelance and client. He updated his credit card information and it was fixed in minutes.
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Kirsten H Member Since: Apr 1, 2012
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One of my clients was recently suspended but I'm not sure whether there was a reason for it or not. I got anxious about being linked to him with an open contract, given that a lot of freelancers were suspended because of their clients' behaviour a while ago, so I closed the contract. I also have no idea whether oDesk eventually tells us the reason.