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Advertisement on Upwork

I have a company, that works as a link building platform, and I also have an affiliate bonus program for all the SEO managers who buy links for their clients through our platform, can I create an offer about this service as a client on Upwork and is it not a rule-breaking? If it is, could you tell me the basic "mechanism" of what services can be provided through the platform, and what criteria they must fit?(not taking into account obvious legal things)
Thanks in advance. 

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Upwork is designed to facilitate direct hiring for specific projects or tasks, rather than advertising external services. While your link building platform and affiliate bonus program are valuable, promoting them directly on Upwork may not align with the platform's guidelines.

To ensure compliance and attract freelancers effectively:

  1. Focus on Project-Based Services:

    • Emphasize specific projects or tasks that freelancers can help with.
  2. Highlight Freelancer Skill Sets:

    • Clearly outline how freelancers can contribute their skills to your projects.
  3. Transparent Communication:

    • Ensure clarity in communication about project details and expectations.
  4. Compliance and Ethical Considerations:

    • Ensure that all services offered comply with legal and ethical standards.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can effectively utilize Upwork to find freelancers for your projects while staying within the platform's terms of service.

For specific inquiries about allowed services, reach out to Upwork support for clarification and guidance.

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Hi Alena P,

No, Upwork does not allow clients to post jobs that involve affiliate links. The platform strictly prohibits any job postings that involve multi-level marketing (MLM), pyramid schemes, affiliate marketing, or any other similar practices. Upwork's policies prioritize genuine work opportunities and professional services, and jobs involving affiliate links typically do not align with these principles. If you attempt to post such a job, it is likely to be rejected by Upwork's moderation team.

Alferid Abrar.

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