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Re: Affiliate Program

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Cheryl M Member Since: Dec 23, 2015
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This is in reply to your reply to Charmaine. Why in the world would we bring you our clients? Unless we are 'top rated' or 'rising star', that would cut into our pay for no reason. Right now, I get 100% of my pay, and my client has always been more than responsible to pay me on time or before. I wouldn't any more refer him to you than cut my own throat, which would what it would be financially. If you want to retain excellent freelancers and get referrals for clients, you'll have to do better than this.

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Jeff D Member Since: Oct 24, 2018
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I am a client and looking to refer other clients.. is there not a reward program for that?


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Clark G Member Since: Jan 2, 2019
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I agree with Charmaine, Upwork needs more clients offering work, not more freelancers underselling themselves to get work.


I run a design studio myself and I would love to pass on extra work to freelancers on Upwork. An affiliate program would help both of us out a lot.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I am a client and looking to refer other clients.. is there not a reward program for that?"


A good deed is its own reward.

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Josh T Member Since: Feb 13, 2019
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I was suprised to see there actually isnt a program to bring other clients to the platform.  Hopefully they are wroking on this.  Has anyone messaged them directly for an update?

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Greg P Member Since: Jul 26, 2018
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They are not working on this. They have repeatedly said in these comments
that they have no interest in having anyone affiliate for them. Apparently
they have enough business already. I am guessing that someone who
understands the age in which we live will start a competing service and
reap the benefits of having those of us with related audiences promoting
their service.
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Angela A Member Since: Apr 15, 2019
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I actually think this thread is showing that upwork may be the smart one here. Clearly, there are a ton of people that want to recommend them and the fact that they are begging upwork to create an affiliate program tells me that there are no other competitors offering a program.

So all of these people creating blogs or courses are left with a choice.... provide a good service for their traffic and recommend them anyway, or leave them out because they are not getting paid.

It really comes down to are you trying to help your customers or your pockets? People who help customers first always come out ahead in the end.

If someone will only mention a company if they are paid to do so, how credible does that source look? I mention companies if they have an affiliate or not. I mention affiliates that pay 5% as much as those that pay 25%. Because if I present full and fair information, my customers are served better and I will earn a lot more of them and they will be more loyal.