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Affiliate Program


Hey guys. Any updates on upwork getting an affilaite program? Im looking to advertise a outsourcing site on my new launch..  As a long time user of odesk I would hate to have to recommend a different company.


Hi David Donna,


Update 8/20/21: We are working on developing an Affiliate program. You can read more about becoming and Upwork affiliate here and stay tuned for more information.


We don't have an affiliate program at the moment. 

Additionally, if you are interested, check out our Bring Your Own Freelancer feature.



~ Valeria

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Why wouldn't you provide a client to client referral program?  Seems crazy not to.  Otherwise, clients are motivated to refer potential new business for Upwork to some of the many alternatives.

Upwork will not have an affiliate program.


Wendy, I think most people are simply suggesting that an affiliate program would be beneficial because it would allow both the freelancers and UpWork to make more money. What's wrong with that? More customers on the site is a win win for everyone, is it not?


Sites like Youtube are littered with affiliate marketers pretending (lying) about their love for every product they review, just so they can make a quick buck. So I can certainly understand this downside to offering an affiliate program. However this doesn't put the referred company in bad light, it only makes the person doing the phony affiliate reviews look foolish and untrustworthy.


Personally I don't really see any legitimate reason to not offer an affiliate program, but am all ears if you can provide some examples. There's a reason Amazon continues with it's successful affiliate program.


I agree with you 100% that no one should be suggesting or recommending any service to their clients that they haven't used themselves and are a fan of. Though at the same time, a lot of time and money goes into the marketing efforts required to acquire the lead.


So yes, it is helpful being compensated a small amount for sending those potential clients somewhere else. Especially for freelancers like myself on a modest income and with many bills to pay. It's the same reason I pay a % to folks who send clients my way. Sometimes I get leads for projects out of my wheelhouse, but can recommend they use a freelancer on UpWork. A small referral commission would be nice, though affiliate program or not; I'm sending them to the service provider I feel best fits their needs. 


I appreciate your viewpoint, I just think you're missing the point. Anyway, just my two cents.