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Agreed fee, mockup done, want to pay half as agreed as mockup done but cant

I agreed a fee witha  developer for a website.   He asked for half up front if I agreed with the mockup, Im happy with that.      Its good work, Im happy to pay but I cant see how I can pay half anywhere.  Its either pay everything or not.   Any way how?  

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Hi Clint,


Once you click "Pay Now"  then "Pay" you'll see a pop up where you'll be able to edit the amount you release to the freelancer:


Screenshot from December 19, 2017 5-15 PM.png

The amount remaining in Escrow will be used toward the next milestone you create.

~ Valeria
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I don't know the freelancer and they might be perfectly legit, but I'd advise you to be careful.


Upfront payments are not necessary on Upwork because it has an Escrow system which protects both you and the freelancer. You place funds in the Escrow, and the funds stay there until the job is completed and you are satisfied with the work.


If you pay upfront for "a mockup", there's no guarantee the freelancer will deliver the project, and your money will not be recoverable by Upwork. Upwork can only recover the money that's in Escrow, and that's also the only money that can be disputed in case something goes wrong with the contract.


In some professions, upfront payments are a common thing, but website development is not one of them.

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