Alternative Contact for Freelancer Who Disappeared

I hired a freelancer to help with website development several months ago. The project has been going great so far, and the freelancer has always been responsive to my messages. Two weeks ago, he gave me an update on a new piece of the website coding, and I responded back, and then we had complete radio silence. I've sent him a follow up message and have yet to hear back, and given his high rating and good communication, I'm starting to worry that something happened to him.


Is there any way to see the last time a freelancer logged on? Does UpWork have any alternative ways of reaching out to them? I don't necessarily want to end the contract, since he hasn't been fully paid yet and the working relationship has been good, but I'm not sure what recourse I have.




Hi Shawn,

We will have one of our representatives reach out to your freelancer and request that they get in touch with you.