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Any other forums/blogs on hiring freelancers?

Does anyone know any interesting blogs/books/communities on hiring freelancers through UpWork and other platforms?


The Upwork hiring headquarters https://www.upwork.com/hiring/category/for-clients/ 


You might find related articles on HR/recruiting blogs but not many/if any specifically oriented on the subject, such as theundercoverrecruiter.com


You might also have some luck searching Google. Now I realize your not in the US, so my suggestion MIGHT not work in your version, or if you are using Google - your country. Just trying not to assume.


However, I came across a slew of "blog articles" a few weeks back, and out of a general desire to learn, did some further research with specific keywords. Lots of content about this on a lot of  US "running a business" type sites such as www.entrepreneur.com. Examples:


how to hire a freelancer project manager

how to hire a lead gen freelancer

how to hire a general va freelancer

how to hire a graphic designer freelancer


best practices for hiring a freelancer project manager

best practices for hiring a lead gen freelancer

best practices for hiring a  general va freelancer

best practices for hiring a graphic designer freelancer


etc etc etc


Most searches after that begain showing the same or similiar results.