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Anybody else finding it troublesome that you cannot sort/order profiles?

I dont know why but this issue has been hanging for a long time and I don't believe that only a few people are finding this an issue. The concept of sorting is absolutely basic and essential when dealing with any database and it seems to be completely missing at odesk. The freelancers profiles go into hundreds of thousands. When one wants to search, we use a keyword and a few filters to exclude those who won't fit, but we still end up with a few thousand profiles which is good... However, there is no way to rank them or sort them according to the highest number of reviews, star rating, rate per hour, etc. So I can for example search for those who handle branding, charge up to $40 an hour, with 4.5 star rating or better. The result is still over 4400 freelancers and I can only see 10 at a time. There is no way browse the ones with the highest number of reviews first... I cannot choose to see them in descending order from the highest rating of 5.00 onwards... I cannot choose to sort them from least expensive to most or the other way around. This issue of lack of sorting was highlighted before as it wastes a lot of time. Filtering out using search parameters means I exclude people completely and that does not answer this basic functionality need. Changing search parameters to filter profiles in or out is not only insufficient, but the options in place are not precise: For example, number of reviews per profile is unreferenced and has no filter, and the star rating choices have big ranges for there is a big difference between someone with 4.9-5.0 rating based on 15 reviews, and someone who has a single review of 4.9. Both profiles (along with hundreds and hundreds of similar ones) will always appear together because I can only filter down to the broad range of 4.5 to 5.0. The sorting option should take no more than a few lines of code in order to introduce it, a small bit of effort and man-hour to allow the clients and contractors from reaching the profiles they are after in much lesser time and inconvenience. This will produce faster hirings and more satisfied matches which means more income and business for odesk. Anybody else thinks that this is an overdue update?

This is a huge problem. Elance has a great system for sorting and a lot more filtering capabilities... Not sure why they would opt for something that doesn't have near the same functionality. Evaluating freelancers is almost impossible with this system.

I saw a similar thread about the search functionality of Upwork, and the basic "reason" that I gathered was that they use an algorithm that allows everyone the opportunity for visibility.


As someone who ranks very high on Elance search I was quite disappointed with this answer. It's good that you're voicing your concerns from the client side! Seems like the search function is very chaotic and has no order to it.