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Approved Last Milestone, but still no project delivery by developer

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Dustin M Member Since: Apr 5, 2021
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Hello all, 


In December 2020 I started a direct contract with a developer for my (mobile) website project. And the developer and I used the payment escrow system from Upwork, because it seemed safe for both parties. He would be sure that I would pay. And I would be sure that he would deliver the project. The project was estimated to be around 4000 dollars and to be paid in 6 Milestones. Maybe if it was more work, we would add a Milestone.


Communication with this developer was great in the beginning, many calls and he replied to all my questions and had great ideas. Sending me also screenshots and videos of the project, so I wouldn't have to worry about anything. And also, I approved the Milestones as I trusted him and that he did a good job.


End of February the developer said we were almost finished and the project was ready for testing. He helped me with renting a Dedicated Server and I approved the Last Milestone on March 3, 2021. Since then communication has become less and if he replies he says he is busy with uploading the project to the Dedicated Server, or there are some problems with the code and the server. 


Last communication from the developer was Thursday 25th March, that we would have a call on Sunday 28th March and the project would be ready for testing. Today it's Monday 5th April and I haven't heard from the developer and he does not reply to my many messages.


What should I do? What are my options?



Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Dustin,


I'm sorry to hear your contract wasn't completed successfully when expected. Generally, the type of the contract you had with the freelancer comes with the protection of escrow. It allows the client to review and approve work prior to releasing the payment for the work to the freelancer. One of our agents will reach out to you directly to share more information about the options and to further assist. You can access your support ticket here.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
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Dustin M Member Since: Apr 5, 2021
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Hello Bojan,


Thank you for the fast reply and creating a Support Ticket for me. I have sent more details about the developer and our communicating. Hopefully the Support Team will come with a solution, because I simply can't reach the developer anymore. He does not reply to my messages and also did not hand over the files/code for my project. I fully trusted this developer and already approved ALL Milestones. This is very disappointing for me, especially since I'm already waiting for 3,5 months for the project.


I hope to hear from the Support Team soon. Thank you in advance.