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Are the Entry-Level/Intermediate/Expert pay band names helpful?

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Kat C Member Since: Jul 11, 2016
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What I've noticed in the writing category is *some* correlation between what the client is willing to pay and the current classification system. 


In the past, I've applied to the $ jobs but my rate was too high for them. 


The same can be said for invites from clients who've indicated $ and $$ in their job posting. 


But, admittedly, this is solely based on my experience in a highly specific writing genre. Additionally, I'm approaching this from the freelancer POV where I see the following on a job posting:



 Expert Level: I am willing to pay higher rates for the most experienced freelancers





Intermediate Level: I am looking for a mix of experience and value







So, from my perspective, those are appropriate descriptions on the freelancer side. If they're an expert, yes, the "independence" expectation is definitely warranted.


Since freelancers can set their rates to whatever they feel they want/desire, how does shifting the descriptions to "Premium" change that to reflect a more accurate statement of the freelancer's skills and abilities in relation to their self-determined rate? 


How would Upwork calculate expertise (especially since we can set those levels on the freelancer side as well)? Just based on platform work? How would Upwork calculate follower/implementer/leader to inform the client?