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As A Client The Upwork UI One Of The Worst I've Ever Experienced

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Peter S Member Since: Jan 12, 2016
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My conversation with Support says it all. How on earth can a company that caters to busy people who want to BUILD GOOD WEBSITES have such a truly awful user interface?


**edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Guru
Julianne G Member Since: Oct 21, 2015
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"Sometimes the system will automatically archived the applicants where in they are considered not in line with your job posting as to compare to other applicants."


Thanks for posting.  I couldn't read past that sentence.  Blood pressure issues.






I would like the chocolate cheesecake, please.


[Displaying a strawberry cheesecake] Wouldn't you like to try the strawberry cheesecake instead?


No, thanks.  I like chocolate.


I'm sorry ma'am, we've since moved the chocolate cheesecake into the warehouse, as we feel the raspberry is really better suited to you.


What?  So you're telling me that even though you have chocolate cheesecake on the menu, I can only have strawberry?


No, if you would still like the chocolate cheesecake, just say so.  We just really think you're prefer the strawberry.


I already said I wanted the chocolate cheesecake.


Right.  But that was before I explained to you that you'd probably like the strawberry better.  Do you want to try the strawberry?


No, I really want the chocolate.


Well, the warehouse if a few miles away.  If you would like, you can drive to the warehouse to get the chocolate cheesecake.


Great.  How do I get there?


First, I'd like to be sure that you really want the chocolate cheesecake.  Have you even seen the strawberry cheesecake?





Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Peter,


I understand your confusion and apologize for the frustration this situation may have caused.


A couple of points I would like to explain:


  • We’ve replaced shortlisting with saving. You can now save any freelancer you like for later. It’s similar to shortlisting, except you can access your saved freelancers even after you’ve hired or closed the job. Just find them in your Saved folder in your My Freelancers tab. 


  • There is an Archived folder, where you’ll find proposals you’ve declined or archived, as well as those withdrawn or declined by the freelancer.


  • Upwork does NOT auto-archive proposals. We have confirmed it with the team. Apologies that you were given incorrect information in the ticket. We will follow up with the agent.

If you notice again that a freelancer's proposal is in the archived folder although you did not put it there, please let us know so we can check on it.


Note that posting private communication and chat transcripts is not allowed by our Community Guidelines.


Thank you for your patience.


~ Valeria
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Peter S Member Since: Jan 12, 2016
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It's unforunate that you deleted my entire post because it contained important information about your UI. In your post, you did not address any of the issues I had this morning.  You expained things I already know and did not say anything about the underlying issues.


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Virginia M Member Since: Sep 15, 2015
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As a contractor, I can only say, "Amen, Peter, Amen!"