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At what point do you stop paying attention to proposals?



I'm an editor and writer who's relatively new to Upwork and I am very curious about how many proposals you usually read and consider before hiring? 

Thanks in advance,


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I guess it depends.  With this boosted feature lots of garbage will float on top.  Most will go through some of them and will conclude that all other 50+ will be garbage and quit looking further down.

Garbage is strong and immoral word to use especially for a senior member like you, don't you think Mr.Parshant ? I  think its cruciall to give chances and take risks and maybe use less offensive words like " less experienced or low quality proposals", so we don't hurt or demoralize others.

Why should we protect the feelings of someone who chooses to destroy the market by sending cut-and-paste proposals to jobs they know they are unqualified for? If they feel demoralized by the garbage proposals being called what they are, maybe they will make an effort to write targeted proposals to jobs they can do. That will be better for them, since they will be more likely to get jobs, and good for the rest of us because they will stop chasing good clients off the platform.

There are times and places for politeness. When using generalities, blunter is often better.

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I think it depends on the proposals themselves. If i am not finding a "good enough" candidate, i'll not only read them all but i'll also wait a bit to see if i'm getting more applications. Quickly scanning through 100 lines of garbage proposals wont take more than a minute

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Thank you for answering my question, Prashant and Alper :). The boosted feature really is something else. 

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It would be very common for your category to have 50+ proposals within 24 hours ranging from Entry through Skilled freelancers applying. Each business will have a budget to work with and that will greatly determine which freelancers are of more interest to take to the interview level. Too many freelancer submissions means that many of the proposals will never be viewed. Did you have any other questions? Have a great day!

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Well, the opening is very crucial if its good , check out their profile. Their work will speak for itself and in the end it all boils down to the nature of your job and you prefrences.

I sorry but thr words garbage is not that strong of an offensive word. 


In the sentence that it was in or if you take it by thr word itself. 


I think he articulated his point of thr boost system by being respectful and showing his distaste. 



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It's less about the number than about which ones you look at. The first two lines of your proposal are visible in the listing, so don't waste them. They can determine whether or not your proposal gets opened.

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