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Paul M Member Since: Sep 16, 2016
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Would like to preview worked hours before paying.  Right now my account is set on Autopay.  Is there a way to disable autopay so that I can review timecards before paying them?


Thanks for your help.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Paul, 

I checked your account and can see that you are currently on an hourly contract with your freelancer. Every Monday you’ll be invoiced for the previous week’s hours based on your freelancers’ Work Diaries. Your default billing method is charged automatically for the balance due. If there’s an issue, you have until Friday to file a dispute.


As an example, the hours rendered by your freelancer this week will automatically be billed to you on Monday, 19-September, next week. You have until Friday, 23-September, next week to review your freelancer's Work Diary. Otherwise, the funds are then transferred to your Freelancer's account the Wednesday after next week, 28-September,. You may read about the Weekly Billing Cycle here, to understand the schedule better. 


Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 12.49.19 PM.png


Paul, I would also just like to remind you to please change your freelancer account's profile image to a real image of you. It is a violation of the Upwork ToS to use any other image for your profile picture other than yourself. 

~ Avery