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Awarded to Contractor by Mistake


I recently awarded a Job to a Freelancer, however, 24 hours later there has been virtually zero communication from his end. Needless to say, I'm having second thoughts about this Freelancer.


I would like to cancel the contract with him, and award the job to a different freelancer who applied to the same job. What steps do I need to take?


Do I need to cancel this job completely, wait for a refund that I paid to escrow, then open a completely new job with the same requirements?


@Paul S wrote:

Hi sorry for the confusion.  Is closing the Contract the ONLY way to resolve this?


If I cancel this job completely, I would need to wait for a refund that I paid to escrow correct?


Then once that is done, open a completely new job with the same requirements- right?

 You will ONLY get a refund of the Escrow funds if the freelancer agrees, or after 7 days if the freelancer does not react. If the freelancer disputes it gets messy and drawn out!

You have entered a legally binding contract to pay $ X for work specified. You have to give the freelancer TIME to do the work specified, and not everyone works at weekends.


Unless you have specified that you need a response within 24 hours for all you know the freelancer may already be working on this.


There is nothing stopping you hiring an ADDITIONAL freelancer and only carrying on with the one who did the best work.


It **IS** Saturday and really 24 hours, at the weekend, is a bit short to be talking about cancelling a contract for non-response.

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