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Bad Apples

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Freelancers that make you give up on Upwork, or at least force to give the next Freelancer a hard time.


I had a very bad experience with a Freelancer, and i have 2 choices.. Leave Upwork or the next time I hire a Freelancer make sure that they only get paid when they finish the Job completely.. No more Milestones for me.. Maybe a $20 initial payment, but the rest Upon completion of Job.. and whne you know my experience, you would not blame me.


I hired a Freelancer to build a website with database.. i was clear on what i wanted... I didn't choose the cheapest Freelancer, and not the most expensive.. I showed the freelancer a template for teh front end, she asked me to buy it and she will set it up and do the small changes needed and work on the backend.. i agreed and paid for it.. and paid for it to be installed on teh server because she didn't know how to.. (i should have taken the hint here)


Milestone 1, initial Payment paid.. Milestone 2, changes to the front end.. came 2 weeks late, for couple of hours of work, i still paid it in full..


Milestone 3, final.. 33 days late, complicated and useless backend, over 13 errors and the Freelancer claimed to have completed the job.. daaa


Negotiation didn't work.. execuses execuses.. i filed for a dispute..


Freelancer dragging the matter longer and longer, mediation didn't get anywhere.. Freelancer waits for the last hour to reply to mediator... pushed us to go to Arbitration.. 2 months later and another $291 for Arbitration..


The funny part, Upwork Escrow does not allow me to retrieve the Mileston payment already released.. That is REDICULOUS.. what can i do with a frontend (which is a template i paid for anyway) without the backend?


Well, it seems that it was my fault i released the payments..