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Be careful: ZenDesk & Upwork are still the same

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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Been there, done that!  One guy tried to pull off 20 hours of work @20somthing an hour.  It was pair programming and I wasn't there.  All the screen shots were of the code in the documentation folder, which why spend 20 hours editing the documentation?  Also, I never gave him access to the database and it was necessary for the work.  It was basically just random screen shots.  I asked him about it and he said he did the work but then I asked him to produce 1 line of code.


I left a 1 page 1 star review for the guy.  I got my $500 back because he refunded after I started to go into dispute.


I also ran into someone who I paid for a week, and he said it took him all week to learn then I fired him.  Never got my money back there.


Many people that have stretched a 1 hour job to 10 hours.  


Weeee!!!  Such a fun ride!  I feel for you.  Smiley Sad  Luckily I have learned to avoid these Jokers!


$20+ an hour is not what I would call getting what you pay for; especially when you get nothing and it's 20 hours of "work".  It really set me back because that was my budget and I ended up giving up on the project waiting for the refund.

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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@Preston H wrote:


When I hire low cost contractors, I typically hire about four or five simultaneously to do the same work. Because that is what I find it takes to get the results I'm looking for. I end up either mixing and matching from their submissions to compile a final result the I like, or I end up keeping the work of only one of them and throwing away the rest. (I don't tell them this, though. I don't want them to feel bad.)


I have done this multiple times. Of course the contractors are all paid for their time.


I simply don't believe that hiring a single, unknown, low-cost contractor is a very effective practice if you have a deadline.

Good tips Preston!  The ol' hire 5 fire 4 technique.  I've done the same thing because you really have to make an investment to find the right people.