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Behaviour Issues with Freelancer - Kind request do not hire her

Dear All, **Edited for Community Guidelines** has been unprofessional in her writing, rude, and arrogant to the point of insulting. I have engaged her last year for very small work, it was okay but honestly could have been better. 

And today was sharing more details about potential work.


I took the occasion to share to her the feedback that I simply want to have a call as a briefing before I share my requirements in writing and she just responded in a very disdained manner that I decided no to start the engagement. Following this she insulted me and blocked me, I have all the proof via messages. This type of behavior is just not acceptable.


She is based in India and goes by the name of **Edited for Community Guidelines** beside unsure the company it says she works with is legit. 


Please kindly advise how I can do the below 


- I would like to write a review on her profile with the screenshots and ensure other people do not have such experience.

- I wrote a review last year, I would like to delete this one 

- Would like to report her behavior to investigated by your team, as per her last message it does not seem the first time.


Please advise, I really don't want other people having such a bad service. Thanks a lot. 


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


You haven't hired this freelancer and haven't paid her any money, so there is no way of leaving any feedback on her profile.


Move on and hire a different freelancer.


Removing feedback you left last year is pointless at best (it'll be so far down nobody looks at it anymore anyway) and petty at worst. You were clearly happy enough back then. Lashing out in revenge now is pointless. Let it go


You can report messages on Upwork directly from the message. That triggers a review and should any violations of Upwork's terms of service be found, Upwork will take it up with the freelancer.


You need to move on though. The freelancer wasn't interested in working with you, it happens.

Thanks a lot, Petra, indeed easier not to make it happen as it seems that person was not interested.


I just find it disappointing that I cannot at least write a new review for today's encounter, and ensuring that people know that this person is rude. When I hire a freelancer that is exactly the type of feedback I look for. Anyhow have a lovely weekend, stay safe. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Diana,


I'm sorry to hear about what happened. One of our agents will reach out to you directly to assist you further.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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