Best Match not working properly.

I'm new to oDesk.

Today I tried to hire the best freelancer for my project.

However I couldn't because "Best Match" option doesn't work properly.

It works exactly like "Oldest Applicants".

What is this confusion?

Please help me to find a good freelancer.




Thanks for your note. We're glad you want to try out oDesk. There MANY, MANY excellent contractors here and there are many clients here who save significant amounts of time and money using this service.


But not using the "Best Match" feature. We have been talking about that here on the community forum for a long time. Nobody here has yet found it to work at all.


But there ARE ways to find good contractors, including simply posting a job description and letting them come to you. You can also use the search feature to do a search for the skills you're looking for. There are filters which will allow you to specify regional preferences, or other preferences, such as English language ability, how many hours of experience on oDesk, whether or not they have worked recently, etc.


You can post further questions in the community forum and get great advice - for free! For example, if you have a specific skill you're looking for, post a question: "What are some good ways find a person to paint a cover for my new novel?"


Another tip that many experienced clients use: Hire multiple to do the same job. Need a CSS web designer? Hire 5 people to do the same assignment. Set their maximum number of hours to 1 hour. Tell them you want to see what they can do in one hour.


Then evaluate the work and continue working with the one you like best. If you don't like any of them, rinse and wash and repeat.


This is a strategy that is effective when you want to work with lower-cost workers. If you know you want high-end people, then you can do a search using hourly rate, and you can send job invites to the most expensive people you can find. This is usually a reliable way of finding people who can do quality work. But you still have to check on their work, especially at first.

Thank you for your kind explanation, Preston.


However I don't think system works properly.

Even if it doesn't have a perfect algorithm, at least it should be different from "Oldest Applicants".

It means that the freelancer applies first is the best match.

Ridiculous, isn't it?

I hope odesk fix this bug(or implement exactly).



re: "However I don't think system works properly."



Yes, that's what I was trying to say.


The system doesn't work properly.

@Preston H wrote:



The system doesn't work properly.

I'd go as far as saying it doesn't work at all, at least not in my case, despite the fact that I clocked over 5000 hours in various categories, have an elaborate job history, scored fairly well in over a dozen tests, have a pretty detailed overview, descriptive portfolio, and 100% job success.

Good question for Odesk to sort out.I am old top rated freelancer and I have done hunderds of jobs but now i am not good fit for the jobs i would like to apply so this way how a client find a good fit freelancer on Odesk.


So clients and freelancers are having same issue to adress.



Conceptually, the "Best Match" feature is an excellent idea that offers tremendous potential to save clients some time and generate good will and repeat usage.


In practice, I am unaware of any reports that it works.

Preston what would you suggest freelancer in this situation if they are not good fit but they really good fit for that job.Ok your answer will be i should have to apply for that job even if I am not good fit but what about the client like Michael?






If you are right for a job, apply to the job.


It doesn't matter if it displays "Good Fit" or not.


"Good Fit" is a work in progress right now.

Most contractors are not using it very much, as they are waiting for it to wait better for them.


Most contractors who are being hired by clients right now are simply people who searched for jobs that met their own criteria, or looked at jobs coming across their job feed, and they applied to what interested them, regardless of "Good Fit" status.

Thanks Preston I am doing the same but still unlucky to have any job from the last  two weeks  hope the clients can see my application even if i am not Good Fit.


Would like to add one more thing with this situation to apply for the job I am not 'Good Fit' I might loss some point in Marketing effectiveness 


You were viewed


You were interviewed


You were hired

Yeah... applying to jobs and not getting hired can affect your marketing effectiveness scores.

So what?

These scores have a minimal impact on your job success score.

What is far more important is that you do jobs, finish jobs, and get clients to close the job and leave honest feedback.

Don't try to preserve your marketing effectiveness scores instead of trying to get a job.

* * *
Cashier: "Here is your dinner, sir. That will be $5.00."

Iftikhar: "Um, sorry.... I don't actually have any cash on me, but can I show you my high marketing effectiveness score?"

Well said Preston what If I have nothing to show even Marketing effectiveness to the cashier as the time passes like this .I am worried about my Job Sucesses Scores which are droping without any reason.


Lets see what happend.