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Beware of "client"

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Marie F Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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If you get a invite to interview or see a job from **edited for Community Guidelines** - stay away! He will try and get you to work off oDesk and try to scam you.


He wanted me to sell things via eBay and promised I would make $100 per listing and 5% of the selling price. When I asked him to do a contract via oDesk he refused. I do not work without a contract so I told him to do it between myself and him - and claimed he was a "private contractor" - and told me good luck. 


Obviously, something does not add up. His email address is: **edited for Community Guidelines**



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Joseph C Member Since: Nov 5, 2011
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That scam has been going on here for awhile, report it as fraud.


There is another on here also where they want you to buy equipment and state they will send you a check for it. They want you to buy it first.


Look at for those.


Don't know how make of this new forum for joining odesk dates

I guess you are new to odesk, good job on catching that one.


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Karen H R Member Since: Nov 25, 2014
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I'm sorry that happened to you, I may have found another case as well. Still checking it out.

K. H. Rice-Scott
Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Thanks for replying Joseph.


Hi Karen, please follow Joseph's advice and click " Flag as inappropriate" link on the job post you mentioned, to put in front of us for review. This is the most direct way to have oDesk review and take appropriate action.


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Cristina F Member Since: Dec 9, 2014
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I just had an invitation from this person and after I read it, I knew something isn't right and I was thinking it is one of the scam you would normally see in Odesk job post... Normally, I report them as scam. I google the email and it popped up as a scam. So, thank you... I was going to decline the invitation because I don't work outside Odesk and I don't work on a fixed price. Thank you for your post.! It is very helpful!