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Billing Method Issue

Hello, I am from Pakistan. I have HBL Debit Master Card for my client account. My account is successfully verified from Upwork. When I try to hire freelancer I got an error that there is an "Input Data Error" from my side. After checking details from both ends (Bank and Upwork) I come to know that error comes from Billing Address. Both parties (Bank and Upwork) suggest me to use the same Billing Address which is on your Bank account.  But it does not allow me to add a complete Billing Address because it exceeds the upwork 60 characters limit policy.  What should I do? Any suggestions. Thanks, Sehrish
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Hi Sehrish,

It looks like the payment method was added but the charges from Upwork are being declined by the bank.
We can't provide more information but please contact the bank directly about the reasons why the charges are not going through, thank you


Thank you for reply. I am agree with you. But my point is that Upwork is charged $10 for the verification process. That payment is successfully deducted from my account. It makes sense that my card is eligible to work on this side and there is no issue with my card. So my question is if Upwork is successfully able to charge my account for verification then why it is unable to charge when I try to hire freelancer? I am unable to understand where the problem actually exist. 


Hi Sehrish,

Upwork makes a temporary charge to your card in order to verify the card. At the time that we attempted this charge, there was no issue and the charge went through just fine, then the charge was refunded as per the regular verification process. This refund of the verification charge has already been completed by the way. However, as previously advised, you will need to check with your bank for details about why the new charge you are attempting is being declined by them, as we are not able to provide any details about this.


Hi Nina,


Thank you for the detail feedback. Can you please tell me Is Upwork accepting debit card for hiring the freelancers? As I am currently using Master Debit Card. 

Hello Sehrish,

If your Mastercard Debit Card is of the variety that can function also as a credit card, chances are good that it will be accepted. Often times, debit cards linked to a bank account also function as credit cards. Note that Upwork doesn't accept Prepaid cards, or virtual cards. Please go ahead and try to use your card, if it is not accepted then you will see a notification about it. Hope that helps!


Thank you very much!

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