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Bonus payments don't appear in message stream

Any reason why bonus payments don't show up in the message stream with individual freelancers?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Geoffrey,


Thank you for this feedback, I'll be sure to share it with our team. While bonus payments do not show in the messages, the freelancer receive the notification regarding it once it's issued.

~ Bojan
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This is a valid concern because sometimes I don't even realize I was sent a bonus until later and I forget to thank the client 😞 It would be nice if it actually said that it was the bonus in the notifications rather than just saying "you received a payment of xx dollars"

Adding another vote on this from both client and freelancer side. I would like to see the record in the message stream both as a client and freelancer. I give bonuses at years' end, and it helps me easily see that it went through without having to track transactions. On the freelancer side, it helps trigger a thank you to the client, etc. 

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