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Both Freelancer and Client Accounts suspended because I asked a freelancer for a refund

Hi, all.

I have both the client and freelancer account. I recently posted a job from client account and hired a freelancer from Egypt while I am from Pakistan. I awarded the freelancer the job but was not satisfied with the results he delivered so i had to ask for a refund. The milestone amount was $100 whereas I paid him a partial amount of $5 so that the project registers on the freelancer's profil in return for his half work done. The freelancer approved the refund and the contract was ended but i did not get the funds back in my bank account even after 7 days.


When I posted about the funds not recieved in my local bank here on upwork community, i was directed towards a ticket and then my accounts were suspended all of a sudden due to "manipulating Upwork's feedback system". Upwork asked me all i had to do to get my account back was to agree to the TOS which i did immediately as i want my account and funds back.


Now what else should i do? How much time will this take? Is this a temporary suspension? How do i assure Upwork that I agree to their TOS?


Please help me out here.




Hi Muhammad,


We understand how this may have affected you. Since you have an open ticket regarding this, we highly suggest that if you have further questions or if you need further assistance, feel free to follow up with our team directly on your ticket and they will be happy to respond to your queries. When everything is in one place we can be more efficient in assisting you. 

~ AJ
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