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C4 Therapeutics Questionable Practices

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Hunter L Member Since: Feb 16, 2019
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C4 Therapeutics seeking textbook editors conducts interviews using Google Hangout. Within a very length interview they ask for your bank information. Here is one of the last questions: "The Company's official Banks are Citi Bank And US Bank, whats the name of your bank." I was immediately blocked after submitting that I would not provide this information. While C4 Therapeutics has a website and seems legit, this question and interviewing does not seem appropriate. In addition, it does not make me too confident in Upwork!

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You were correct to be suspicious. You were dealing with a scammer, not a real client.


In fact, the name of the company that you said contacted you? The people you were talking to have NOTHING TO DO with that company. They simply copied the company's name off the Internet. You Googled the company name. Don't do that. The scammers WANTED you to google the company name. That's a big part of how they trick newbie freelancers.


The next time any "client" mentions Google Hangout, stop communicating with them immediately. Block them. Any time newbie freelancers get invites and are asked to use Google Hangout, it's a scam.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "In addition, it does not make me too confident in Upwork!"


If it makes you feel any better... Upwork is a great site. Very legitimate. I'm a real freelancer who has earned a large amount of money through Upwork.


But as you found out, there are scammers here. They are attracted to this site because is the leading freelance work platform.


The good news is that once you have gained a little experience on the platform, the scammers DO NOT CONTACT you. Because they know you won't fall for their tricks.


In fact, experienced freelancers are able to spot scammers in less than two seconds. So we don't waste any time with scammers.