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Can Blocked Freelancers apply via Boosted ?

I am 99.9% confident I blocked freelancer XYZ.


I post a new Job. XYZ applies via Boosted again.


Can blocked freelancers apply via "Boosted" ?


If not, how do I file bug report. If so, WTF.

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TongKe, was this a freelancer or an agency? If you blocked a freelancer who is a member of an agency, another member of that agency - a business manager - can still submit proposals on behalf of the blocked agent.


Never having attempted to block someone on this platform, IDK if you have the option to block an agency itself.

Hi Jonathan.


Great question. I'm 99.9% sure I blocked the Freelancer (not an agency) and the Freelancer (not an agency) applied for a job after that.


This is the only time this has happened on Upwork -- and I'm trying to figure out whether Boosted proposals ignores being blocked.

Interesting. An oversight in the code certainly seems plausible,

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Hey TongKe, go and block the Freelancer so you are 100% confident. The feature has always worked for me. Thanks!

The 99.9% was meant to refer to the timing of "I blocked XYZ" and "XYZ applied again via boosted"; i.e. which of the two events happened first.

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