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Can I post a job to more than one skill category?

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I have posted a job that can match several different skill areas (writing, project management, management consulting), but I can't find a way to tag it to more than category.  Is there a way?



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You could copy the job description and post the same job twice, once in each job skill category.

Thanks, Preston.  Thanks sounds like an accurate but unfortunate answer.  Unless I hear otherwise from somebody else., I'll duplicate everything twice more.  Please, Upwork, just allow multiple categories.


@Preston H wrote:

You could copy the job description and post the same job twice, once in each job skill category.

 3 categories.... Since when are triplicates of the same job posting allowed? If he follows that advice he could all 3 job postings pulled and deleted.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi David,


Unfortunately. I'll have to disagree with Preston in regards to the advice he shared, as duplicate job posts are not allowed on Upwork. You can post 3 different jobs in 3 different categories if you specify the particular skill you need and specific requirements on each of them, and include information about the scale of the job. That way you'd cover all three aspects of the project, and will be able to invite/receive proposals and interview freelancers for each roll separately.

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I would like to chime in on this thread and say thanks, Vlad, for clearing that up. I hate seeing duplicate job postings. I usually assume these are scam posts, because a lot of the scammers do in fact post duplicate job posts.


In addition, if your looking to hire an experienced contractor and want a really good writer, or project manager, or a  contractor with advanced business skills you might need to hire more then one conctractor.


If this sounds like way to much work, you could go the route of hiring a Recruitment specialist, who can help you source out the exact talent your looking for.