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Can I resign during progress of contract?



I posted an offer for fixed-price job. I would like to ask two questions.


I. I am thinking about, what if during progress of contract I would like to withdraw. In example, I will pay for the first milestone, but then I would realize the freelancer is not performing well enough or works to slowly, or I do not need the work. Can I withdraw then, and keep the rest of the budget? Or I have to proceed and create next milestones until I will spend my whole budget?


II. Are there any negative consequences of such withdrawal? Can the freelancer give me a negative feedback?


I would be very grateful for your reply,




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jerzy,


Yes, you can stop the job at any point, communicate with your freelancer and, if there are no other solutions, end the job and keep the remaining funds outside the payments you've already made. There are no negative consequences related to ending a job early and both parties do have the option to leave feedback on the contract. 


To avoid this outcome, I would advise communicating regularly with your freelancer to ensure they understand the project requirements and deliver exactly what you need. You as a client need to define the scope of work for your project and communicate your expectations in detail, in order for the freelancer to manage those expectations and deliver great work.

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