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Can my colleague give feedback to my freelancer?

My business partner initiated a job with a freelancer. He wants me to review the freelancer's work, so I can give my feedback on the project. I am an UpWork member of his company. But I do not see any link to let me view his project.


Seems very strange that I can't collaborate with my business partner to give feedback on a project.


How do I manage my agency members' roles and permissions?

The Basics

You control your team members’ roles and what they are allowed to do from your Staff & Permissions page. Here are the various roles and permissions and what they mean:

  • Owner – This person responsible for the company. The company, and therefore all teams within that company, can have only one owner. Only the owner can create additional teams within a company. You can transfer company ownership, but you will need to contact Customer Support. The owner is always an admin.
  • Admin – Admins can add, remove, and update team members from the Staff & Permissions page. Admins always have full access to the team's financial account. Admins who aren't the owner cannot create additional teams within a company.
  • Financial – People with financial permissions have full access to the team's financial account, but they cannot control team members or permissions.
  • Staffing Manager – A staffing manager has control over agency contractors, job applications, and rates. Has access to agency reports.
  • Agency Contractor – There are two types of agency contractors. Exclusive agency contractors can only work on behalf of the agency. The team’s financial account controls all their earnings. They cannot control their rates. Non-exclusive agency contractors can work simultaneously for the agency and independently. The agency can only control their agency job applications and contracts. A user can be a non-exclusive agency contractor in multiple agencies. Agency contractors have access to their own freelancer reports, but not any agency reports.
The Details

To adjust your team members' roles and permissions:

  1. Click the Settings icon, and then click Staff & Permissions
  2. After you make your changes, confirm them by clicking the Update Permissions button at the bottom of your list