Can't get a refund for incomplete task as the freelancer account is frozen

Hi Guys
We've had a milestone pending work submission. The freelancer's account was frozen by upwrok. The freelancer notified us via a message on upwork. Meanwhile, the funds from escrow were sent to the frozen account.
We ended up with no work and the funds taken from us. and never reaching the freelancer. 
We've tried to look for means to contact finance or support but couldn't find any. The only direction is to the community.
Can anyone provide us with support email or phone so we can resolve this issue?
Not clear why funds from escrow would be sent to a freelancer's frozen account.



Hi Nico,


Can you please send me a DM with more information including the contract ID? Thank you!

~ Joanne

Hi Joanna
I've tried we've tried to DM you and was denied the service. We've also replied to this thread yesterday and it was deleted it seems.
Can we please get an email or chat to CS to help us get a refund.
Once again Upwork has removed funds from our escrow to a freelancer how's account they've frozen without notifying us.
We're now with now material and no funds. In addition, we have no way of contacting any support Department.
We really hope this reply won't be deleted this time around, and that we'll get some help.

Thank Nico

Hi Nico,

I`m sorry about the confusion. Our customer support will reach out to you and assist you further, we will also investigate why you can`t contact our customer support from your end. Thank you!

~ Goran