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Can't get money to my agency registered in another country that I am living in

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Mari P Member Since: Nov 12, 2014
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Let's assume odesk agency owner. I am living in one country. Company is registered in another country(offhore zone). And I can't get money e.g. using WireTransfer to account of my company only because I am living in the country where the company is NOT registered in. This is unbelievable and not logical because oDesk assumes that persons can create agencies which is good. If so then agencies may be registered in offshore zone(it is pretty normal practice). And agency owner may live not in the country where the company is registered in and it is absolutely normal practise also. So what to do for agency owner then? How he can get the money to his company account if oDesk doesn't allow to withdraw money for the account which country is differs from the country where the agency owner is living in?

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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It would be difficult for anyone or even oDesk to answer your questions accurately. That is because you have not provided the information needed to determine appropriate answers applicable to your particular case.

It is probably not in oDesk's best interest to attempt to answer those questions. Furthermore, even with more information it is probably not wise for members to attempt to provide direct answers applicable to your particular case.

All countries, financial institutions, and third parties (e.g., oDesk, PayPal, and numerous others) face different laws, regulations, and other factors that must be adhered too.

In your particular case whereby you reside in one country yet operate a business "registered in another country," you should probably obtain legal council with experience in international law as it pertains to such arrangements.

It is worth mentioning that because of the nature of some "offshore businesses," that is why some countries (especially the US, countries within the UK, and others) have established certain laws and regulations in the first place.

Ron aka LanWanMan
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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This is simple. ODesk pays the agency. The agency pays its agents.

That is all you need to know.

The agency needs to figure out how to pay its agents. ODesk does not offer that service.

ODesk facilitates clients finding contractors or contractor agencies who will do jobs and oDesk facilitates clients paying those agencies or independent contractors.

But oDesk does not offer every service imaginable. It doesn't offer to pay money to the contractors. There are many ways an agency can do that. Find a service that facilitates doing that or create your own internal method for doing so. This is conceptually no different than oDesk not offering to cater your company picnic. ODesk offers some services and there are other services it does not offer.