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Can't switch between being a client and being a freelancer

Hello all, 

I'm very new to UpWork and I'm trying to get a job done as a client, hiring freelancers, and to do work as a freelancer as well - using my skills and outsourcing others.  However, I'm not able to switch between screens, e.g. to be a client and hire my developer, and to be a freelancer and apply for jobs.  Has anyone got any solutions please? My only solution currently is to go through the appropriate email message if I'm on the site as a freelancer, or vice versa. Has anyone got any other solutions?



Storm the only way I know of is to switch back and forth in your account. That is the only way  I have been able to switch between my client account and my freelancer account.


It is kind of a pain but I don't know any other way. You can only be in the client account OR the Freelancer account. I suppose you could use two different browsers and login and be in your freelancer account and login with a different browser and login to your client account. Not sure how Upwork would look at this or if they would frown on it, but if you need to be in both at the same time it is the only way I know of you can view both accounts at the same time.


I also act as both Buyer and Seller here, (rather successfully, I might add).


Yeah, it's a pain, and no, there's no easy way to circumvent having to switch back and forth. Smiley Sad


But to address your point about having to click through emails, there's at least a slightly easier way:  In the upper right corner of your browser, if you click the dropdown menu next to your name, you should see both of your "sub-identities", and you can select the appropriate one from there.


I wish they'd fix this, but it's clearly not a priority for them. Smiley Sad