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Cancel contract as a client

Hi Team,
I have hired a freelancer for my project for $130 and I paid $10 for first milestone . Now I wanted to stop my project and nothing has done. Can I cancel the contract and give good feedback to the freelancer?
I f I cancel, do I need to pay the full balance?
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Retired Team Member

Hi Ramesh,


You can close your contract at any time. Once the contract is closed the freelancer will receive a refund request for the remaining funds.
You and your freelancer will be able to provide feedback for each other as well. If you have any additional questions, let me know. Thank you.

~ Goran

Do I need to pay full balance ? After I cancel the contract?

Hi Team
I paid for one milestone for his work. Currently no milestones are in progress. I fi cancel contract now do I need to pay him full remaining balance?

Hi Ramesh,


I would suggest communicating further with your freelancer about any additional payments. 
I would also like to confirm that contracts can be closed with released less funds than what was funded in Escrow (like in your case). To learn more about getting an Escrow refund, check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Ramesh: a client may cancel a fixed-price contact at ANY time.


And a client may do so with or without discussing it with the freelancer.


If there is any money in a current escrow payment, just release that money and you can close the contract unilaterally, without giving notice or getting permission.


If an escrow payment was already paid out, and there are milestones remaining but no new milestone has been funded, a client can close a contract immediately without paying ANY more money.


So if the project was supposed to be for $130, and you have only funded and paid out $10... then yes you may close the contract without paying any more money.

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