Cannot find my client account



I signed up Upwork a while ago as a freelancer. Recently, I posted a job as a client. I used the same email for my freelancing account. Now, when I login Upwork, I don't see how to switch to the client account.

I created a client account as suggested here. But, created client account is different since I don't see my job posting.


I would like to contact the freelancer who worked for my first job posting. Could someone help me associating my client account to my freelance email?


Here is some information that could help.


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Thank you for your support.






Hi Kohei,


You could switch from your freelancer profile to your client profile easily by clicking the dropdown menu on your profile ID on the top right of your screen. Was the job post you stated from a previous account you closed or was this with this new client profile?


Hi Ryan,


This is what I see and I cannot find the job I posted. What I see under ABC client account is job posting view for the first time.


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Hi Kohei, 

You should be able to login to your client account by clicking on your client name as shown below. Upon checking, I found another account under the same name. I will request the team to follow up with you with more information about your second client account. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 12.21.29 PM.png

~ Avery

Okay. Thank you!


I just realized I used a different email address for my client account at Upwork.


I didn't realize that since that's my secondary email and I forward emails to the primary one. Sorry for confusion and thanks for all of your supports!