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Change Account Type and still get Free Trial

Hi there, I didn't know adding a payment method would cause my account to be automatically signed up for a free trial and charged in a month. Would it be possible to switch back to the free plan and then get the free trial when we're ready to use the Upwork for hiring?


Also, I was never asked if I wanted to upgrade from the free version to the paid version so it was a bit frustrating to see that my account was going to be charged in a month without me knowing. The only reason I saw my account was going to be charged was because I was exploring the website. I think it would be helpful to make it clear to users that when you add a payment method, your account will be automatically upgraded and charged in a month. 


Thank you!

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Hi Shannon, 


The free trial is offered at the registration and, unfortunately, it's not possible to access it later. You can downgrade anytime, however, under your Settings> Membership> Change Plans.

~ Valeria
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