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Change the amount of a bonus payment

By mistake, I put the wrong amount in a bonus payment and I have no way to correct it. I have tried to contact support and it has been impossible. I have called the phone numbers indicated on the page and it has been impossible for anyone to answer. It is a very bad service.

I would like to solve this problem as soon as possible because I have already paid the bonus but the system keeps indicating that I still owe more money and I have no way to correct the error.




Hi there,


We will be happy to help. I shared your report with the team handling your case and one of our agents will follow up with you on your support ticket as soon as possible to assist you further.


~ Nikola
Community Member

Thanks Nikola. I already pay a $500 bonus plus upwork fee but still receiving a message "Financial transactions on your account have been limited due to a failed charge".  The Freelancer has not received his money either. 

Intelligent S:

As a practical matter, it is not necessary to contact Upwork Customer Support if you send an incorrect bonus amount.


If you send a freelancer an incorrect bonus, then you can ask the freelancer directly to refund whatever amount is necessary in order to rectify the situation.

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