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Checking references

Hi guys,


I'm having issues with the reference list for my project. I asked the freelancer to complete a list of references but she chose practically all the resources from **Edited for Community Guidelines** libraries and with the limited access. The articles are not available now without access permission.

How can I check the references then?




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Most academic journal articles are not free to access.  Universities pay LOTS of money to subscribe to journal packages. I'm not sure whether your freelancer had access to them originally or not, but if obtaining the articles wasn't part of the original contract I'm not sure what you can do.


I think technically, you'll either need to pay for the articles or find them elsewhere for free if you can.


Sometimes they might be accessible through a general google search or through google scholar.  You can try to contact the author via his/her university and see if he/she will send you a copy or contact the author through ResearchGate. You might also try to get them through inter-library loans if your local library has an agreement with your local university.


Also, my local university allows access to their journal database if you are on their guest network in their libraries so you could try going to your local university library and working off their network.


If you are trying to access a professional journal, you may only be able to access articles from that journal if you are member of their society. Often universities do not subscribe to proceedings from professional conferences.


I hope that helps.  I'm sorry that you and your freelancer did not have a plan for accessing the articles from the list of references provided.  Your freelancer should have known that you would need to eventually access the articles.  Next time can have your freelancer limit the search to free-access articles.



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