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Client (Me) Pay for one milestone, then wait to activate the next?

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Oliver M Member Since: Jun 6, 2019
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Hi lovely freelancers and clients!


Today I accidentally used a feature I've been looking for and wondering about! How do I do it on purpose?


I'm principally using upwork right now to hire for designing images on cards... there are many cards. I would like to be able to pay for a milestone (single card usually) then leave the contract open, and not have to do a brief/setup/assignment/selection based on card-options + artist style >right then at that moment<... why? Because I really want to pay the client ASAP when they give me the final PSD after I've reviewed it! Then, on my own time I can make the new milestone (like the next day, or maybe two or four days) >later<. Why? So, then I'm not under my own ethical pressure to setup the next milestone >before< clicking the pay button! Like, I didn't necessarily want to be writing about this on my Saturday night! Not that I have anything better to do... except sleep of course! I'm exhausted! (Suck it up man!) [okay! Go!]


Guess what! You can DO THIS! But how? Tonight, i was just clicking through they payment screens, getting ready to copy and paste or paraphrase a "brief" (description of art requested to be crafted by a fantastic illustrator) for the next milestone... and KABOOOM! There was no such screen! I said, pay now, release funds, continue contract... but then nothing! So I went to the contract page, Pay now was greyed out, but there wasn't a "Rehire" button... interesting right? I went to the "All Contracts" page and... alas... the "Activate a Milestone" button was there instead of the Pay Now or Rehire button!


So... can I do this on purpose? The support bot wasn't any help just now...


Please note, my primary criticism of the upwork platform as a client is there are perhaps too many ways to get to very similar, but not identical pages/options of information in many different but similar presentations. I would like a centralised (sp? am I British or American, too tired to tell) hub, and the hot options / buttons available from more of the nearly identical screens so that their differences are rendered pretty nominal instead of things like the above...


Cheers, Happy Saturday night from Pacific Daylight Time

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Oliver,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Our Help and Support page has many articles that will help you better understand your questions. Kindly, follow up on these help articles: Milestones for Fixed-Priced Jobs, Escrow for Fixed-Priced Jobs, How to add or edit Milestones, How to review a Milestone, Pay Bonuses, and how to end a Fixed-Priced Contract.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar