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Client doesn't want to pay

I was hired to translate a book called "The ultimate Arabian guide", the client just said he needed the translation donde in 7 to 10 days. 

To be honest while I was translating and reading the book I thought to my self "what a confusing book, this guy needs and editor", mind you it was a 5k word book and he was only paying 80 dollars for this task.

I sent him the file last night (9 days after getting hired, 1 day before the deadline) and he says he needed me to change the words (he didn't say that in the contract), I really don't feel qualified for this task because I dont speak arabian and have no idea about the pronunciation. He never mentioned doing this until now, how should I deal with this client? 
He claims that if I don't finish editing it he will cancel the contract and leave a bad feedback which I quote "will affect me more than him"

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Sorry I am a bit confused. You are translating from Arabic but don't speak Arabic? 

I think the best thing to do going forward would be to do more due dillagance before starting a contract. I think $80 for a 5k translation is a bit ridiculous, but there is no reason you shouldn't have known that before starting the contract. Typically if I don't get the full scope of a project, I would reject the invitation. This way you can ensure you can successfully complete the contract. 

Hi there! Thanks for responding, the book is a guide to Arabic in English, the client hired me to just translate the English parts to Spanish.

Ok that makes things more clear 🙂

Well it sounds like this project is more than its worth. If you feel that him asking for additional translations out of the scope that you agreed to, you could ask for more money. I would say something like, "I appologize but the additional requirements added to this project is outside the scope of our original agreement."

In the end of the day there isn't much you can do about him giving you a bad review. You have a good JSS and once you hit top rated you are able to remove a review with stipulations. I would let him review and reply with a professional response explaining the situation. 

If he wants you to do anything outside of your original agreement, he needs to release all money in escrow, close the contract, and ask if he may hire you using an hourly contract.

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