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Client hasn't responded back to milestone job

I started a milstone job and sent the production files to the client as far as part of the work and I haven't heard back from them. the job pays in milestones and client didn't approve of it or responded back at all, how do I get paid? 

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After you send milestone for payment client have 2 weeks. If no action taken you will be paid.

It's been 2 weeks already and still haven't been funded, how do I know when i'm paid?

there is no notification

Some moderator will check contract details soon. I have no access to check it.

Sorry I misunderstood I just now sent milestone for payment I will wait from now until then. Also if client doesn't respond will I still get paid if I end the contract myself?

You need wait for money before ending contract. If you do it right now it will be closed with no payment. After milestone paid you can close it yourself. Or leave opened, don't matter.

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