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Client open a case on Upwork against me

On Upwork my client was hired me but after the hiring on Upwork the client message me please hold on your communication will let you know when I am ready and after 1 week Client contact with me on Skype to start the work on her store I accomplished my job and after this client open a case on Upwork against me like I billed him for a work that he didn't assign to me and on Upwork advice me to stop the work. Please advise there have any chance to get any negative impact on my Upwork profile with this case.

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Contract opened? When ended feedback will affect your profile.

Yes, contract is opened not ended yet. If I'll not gave back him rating or feedback after ending the contract client feedback will show on my profile or not? Also, on client cae Upwork will suspend my account or not?

If client leave feedback it will affect your profile.

If ended contract ammount is zero then feedback won't be shown (but still affect JSS).

Your account won't be suspended with any feedback. But Upwork can suspend it if many clients will complain you.

@maykola Thank You so much for this information.

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The issue is you got tricked.  You started working on project before you were asked to start using upwork channel. 


I really wish new freelancers would READ, understand and become familiar with how uowork works and how they should work.

Per the original post, there was an Upwork contract in place.

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Please NEVER work on a project unless the client has escrowed the monies via an Upwork Contract. Without an Upwork Contract, you are working for free. NEVER go off site to communicate with a prospect (Skype) unless you have accepted an Upwork Contract from that person. Click on the Academy link on the top of this page for more success TIPS on how to best use Upwork. Have a great day!

Do you have any reason to believe any of that happened? The freelancer said the client "hired" him. He said the client complained to Upwork about his billings (which must have been through Upwork, or that would make no sense). He didn't even say it was a fixed price (escrow) job.

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why people go on Skype or whatsapp when you have Zoom meeting right there in Message section ? and even if you are contacting off platform why would you work without any contract offer ? I understand going an extra mile for a client but please stop working for free you cant prove your worth like that.

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re: "Client open a case on Upwork against me"


I don't work for Upwork. As a client, I have hired over 180 freelancers on Upwork. This is my opinion:


Clients are not supposed to "open a case" against freelancers.

This is pure silliness.

A client has ALL THE POWER HE NEEDS to manage freelancers and project. Right at his fingertips, using the Upwork client-side user interface.

A client never needs to "open a case." A client never needs to contact Upwork Customer Support. A client never needs to dispute.


All those things mean relying on other people, waiting for other people, gambling.


As a client, I don't need to rely on other people or wait for other people.



That's the real power. That's the beauty of hiring freelancers through Upwork. I don't need to explain myself to anybody. I don't need to talk to H.R. I don't need to worry about what is written in some contract somewhere.

Every client is able to end every contract any time. Easily. Instantly.


That's how clients should manage freelancers. Hire who you want. Fire who you don't want on your team.
If you hire "Peter" to write blog articles for you, and then you decide you can't stand Peter's writing... You don't "open a case" or dispute or contact Customer Support. And you don't use your valuable time to try to train Peter to be a better writer. Just fire Peter. Click a button, and he's gone. That's it. Hire other people. There are a million other people willing to write your blog articles. Hire a few of them, review their work, and keep working with the best.


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