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Client paying through different accounts.

So, kind of a weird story here. I applied to a simple QA testing job for a moblie app, and to my suprise, the client put up the contract through another account. I was confused, but decided to along with it as it seemed to check out (it was an hourly one, and everything was billed correctly). Now, the contract was suspended, and another potential client (who incidently works for the same company as the first client), wants to go through the same thing again. The first contract is still suspended, and I'm not quite sure what to do now.

Any advice would be appericated (also, I haven't done any further work for any of these cilent after the first contract was suspended). 

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Ask the client what caused the suspension on their account. I know freelancers are not allowed to have more than 1 account, if it's the same for clients then his new account would likely get suspended soon as well. The client seems sus to me, but if it's a big job, maybe contacting Upwork to give some insight would not hurt before severing ties. Maybe he is a new client and broke some rules he wasn't aware of.

Well, yeah... This all seems suspicious.

But a single client may indeed have more than one company account.

Also, a single project may be associated with more than one client.


So it IS theoretically possible for a freelancer to encounter a client who has a problem with their account, and then to be hired through a different account to continue working on the project.


But caution is advised.

One wonders why this client had their account suspended.
One wonders if this client is using credit cards fraudulently.

In all honestly? This company may need to get their act together and post jobs using a single solid account, with no difficulties paying freelancers, if they want to succeed in finding freelancers who trust them.

From what I have gathered, its actually a company with multiple people posting jobs on Upwork. Why they aren't using a single account is beyond me, but I can link the job acccount if here anyone wants. 

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