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Client says he can only pay on specific day in a week



I completed an hourly job successfully for my client and now he says he can only pay on Monday, he sent me screenshot from his account of Weekly summary which includes my working hours and total payment and on bottom it says:


"Timesheet will be automatcially charged to your primary payment method Monday afternoon (UTC)"


That's what client highlighted that he can only pay me on Monday. Can you please guide me how can i guide him to change payment method so he can pay whenever he wants after completion of my jobs? He says I don't know how to change it.


Because my other client pays right after job completion.




If you are on an hourly job your client can review your work and the following week you can withdraw your earnings. Fixed price jobs are a bit different. See info below.



Hourly Jobs

Hourly jobs are, as the name implies, billed hourly. You track your time, the client pays for that time each week. You'll need to install and run the Upwork Team app to do this automatically and qualify for payment protection.


Work Diary

All the time you tracked using the Upwork Team app is automatically uploaded to your Work Diary. Each day or when you're done working for the week you must review it and delete any non-work time. Talk to your client if you'll need to make any manual additions. They have the option to enable or disable that feature because manual time is not protected. All changes must be completed by 12 noon UTC each Monday following the close of the work week so that Upwork can bill your client.


Work Week

The work week starts on Monday at 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday at 23:59 UTC. All the time in your Work Diary will be automatically billed to your client on Monday afternoon following the end of the work week.



Fixed-Price Jobs

Fixed-Price jobs are invoiced and deposited into escrow as a single lump sum or as a series of milestones. You'll need to negotiate You can greatly reduce your risk with well-defined milestones. The use of escrow allows us to offer Fixed-Price Protection, but payment is still dependent on client satisfaction, so communication and defining deliverables are essential. 


Payment Schedule

When you set up your first payment method, you'll be asked to choose a payment schedule. Once your balance equals or exceeds $1,000, your funds will be transferred according to your chosen payment schedule. Balances below $1,000 can be held in Upwork until you accumulate enough for a scheduled payment, or transferred manually whenever you wish.

Your payment schedule options are:

  • Weekly - every Wednesday
  • Twice per month - first and third Wednesday of each month
  • Monthly - last Wednesday of each month

Choose a Monthly schedule to minimize fees. Choose a Weekly schedule to automatically trigger a transfer as soon as possible.


Thank you Suzanne for quick reply.


Yes i know about these all you mentioned in detail.


I completed job with manual time and client agreed and approved manual time. This job was not done using upwork app. So my question is can my client pay me today for this completed job with manual time adition? If yes then how can he change payment schedule/method to pay me other than Monday?




Hi Adeel,


Unfortunately,  hourly contracts, whether using the app or manual time, follow the same weekly work schedule. Even if your client approves the work on Monday, you'll have to wait unti the following Wednesday UTC to receive payment. There is no way for you or the client to change this with an hourly contract. 


Sorry for the bad news. 






For hourly contracts, the client has no control over when you get paid. Does not matter if it for logged or manually added time.
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