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Client seeking an answer

Hi, any help on this would be much appreciated.

(i) post job

(ii) talent responses arrive and messeages exchanged

(iii) now have one long( growing) list of messages

Question how do you move thos messages into rooms or client job files? 


Tried cut and paste/ drag and drop etc, won't work.


Cant see a prompt of the either the individual message - or - in the message drop down options?


Any ideas?



Hi there, 


Thank you for reaching out to us. You may want to look into this learning path for clients to help you get started and hire the right talent for your job. 


Let us know if have further questions. 

~ Nikola
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Thanks Nikola, its a lot simpler than that.


like Gmail/Outlook or any other messaging app - how do you move an existing message into a room?


That's the question - what's the answer?   


Hi there, 


Thank you for following up. I would like to clarify that there is a separate room created in Messages for each interview and contract and it's not possible to move a message to another room.


You can find more information here

~ Nikola
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The situation is as below.  I have a list of incoming message that I'd like to put in folders/ rooms.


Given the content of your last message - the question is - why are they not already in rooms?


You are suggesting "there is a seperate room created in Messages for each contract"


Where is it?

And why are these messages from different contracts not already in the seperate room created? 

So, my original question: how do I move these messages below into rooms or a client job files? 



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Hi There,


Arjay here stepping in for Nikola. As a client, once you have found a potential freelancer for your project on Upwork, you'll use our messaging tools to discuss the work, terms, deadlines, etc. As Nikola mentioned, there is a separate room created in Messages for each interview and contract and it's not possible to move a message to another room.


With that said, Once you begin an interview message thread, we automatically move the applicant to your Messages section for further review. Your message thread will embed in the proposal view which is why the option to create rooms for these messages (with different freelancers/agencies) is not available. Feel free to check this help article for more details.


~ Arjay
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Thanks Arjay...

Here is the thing.

The client picks up the tab for all commisions (the talent just add it to their rates).

The client in the near future will also be picking up the new $4 fee per job.

The client has to inverst and evaluate each talent candidate and decide if the person is a good fit for 'this' job?

The client does not like to waste his time - if they review a talent person for one job - that is a better fit for a future - as yet unposted job.... 

The 'client want to file that talent prospect in a future file' or room named '001 future project' etc. Not being funnny - Imagine! Just the same way we can use Gmail / Outlook/ Bookmarks etc - folders that work for us. The client.


Because dispite the client paying upworks 100% of all the job related talent revenue income -   it's not possible to move a message to another room. Or into a room/folder of 'client decided possibile candidates for future projects' that, as the client, you have already invested some time in talent evaluating. 


So, Arjay/ Nikola, do me a favour please escalate this message.  So that someone further up the management line gets back to me to explain - why?


Why, it's not possible to simply move a message, to file-the-talent,  in another room or folder. And bottom line, in a way that best suits the needs of 'us' the project management/talent management client?

Hi there,


I shared your feedback with our team for review. We appreciate you taking the time to suggest improvements to our platform. Should there be any changes, we'll announce them here in the Community. While it's not possible to move and organize Messages into folders currently, you may be able to find a lot of the capabilities you're looking for in the the Virtual Talent Bench - it allows clients note, organize and tag talent they have worked with or considering to hire.

~ AJ
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