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Client wish to change feedback for freelancer

I had a job done recently and left good 5* feedback

However a host of bugs have arisen and the freelancer is slow to react and is simply not fixing the issues.

Already he over ran the job by many months having told me it would take 4 weeks


Can I withdraw this feedback until the jpb is finished or do I have to write this off as a bad experience and get someone else in to fix the issues?


Thank you

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You can change the feedback that you left for the freelancer.


Ask the freelancer to click the button on his side that allows for feedback to be changed. Once he does that, you will have a period of two weeks during which you can change both thr star average feedback and the written comments.


You do not need to write anything off. You have many options.

You can do the fixes yourself.

You can hire somebody else to do the fixes.

You can leave it as is.

You can hire the original programmer to do the fixes.


If this was my own project, then my first choice for how to move forward would be to contact the original programmer and ask if I can hire him using an hourly contract to continue working on the project. I definitely would not want him working on my system for free. I would expect if I asked him to work on this outside of a paid contract, he would have little motivation to do so. My projects are important. I can't afford to have people working on them for free.


If you offered to pay him and he still is not interested, then you will probably need to assign the remaining tasks to other team members. If you don't have adequate other team members, you will need to hire them.

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re: "Already he over ran the job by many months having told me it would take 4 weeks"


This is something that your project manager should have handled. If your project is running behind schedule, then it is the project manager's responsibility to keep things on schedule by assigning tasks to team members who can deliver on time.

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