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Clients opinion needed: Why am I not getting any jobs anymore? (Spanish- English translation) HELP!

I want to delete THIS POST ( I am writting over it) because it's old and irrelevant now, how do I do it?


Natalia, The overview on your page is very "clinical", whereas your post here is "passionate" and "compelling" . I never comment on post,but i did here (on my cell). If you use some of the same energy you have in this post and point out the advantage of working with you like you did here i believe you would get tons more work. You could even edit your post here for your overview. Just take out the reference to desperation. The sooner you learn that everything in life is "sales" the sooner you'll increase your work. Do some research on "how to write compelling copy" or "copywriting" .

Yes! I will look into it and make changes! Thanks for your comment, it really helps... :) Natalia

Not trying to be critical here, but if you write your cover letter like your wrote you post I wouldn't read it all sprawled together with no paragraphs. It is very hard to read that way. 

hi Suzanne, this is actually an old post, written in 12-21-2013 🙂


but i really wanted to address your comment about how the OP wrote her post, i don't think it's her fault it came out that way. if you look at Darren's very long "staying safe" post, it wasn't divided into paragraphs either - but i guarantee you it didn't look like that in the old forum.

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Yes, I don't think that people have control over the way in which old posts are written.


It's simply copied from the old forum.


That's something for the oDesk team to look at because it does make it difficult to read.

LOL Junelle,


I didn't even look at when it was posted. I had thought it was recent ... I know some of them moved over from old forum look like that. Guess I should pay more attention or not post when I am tired.

not ur fault for post on old...


On some these you just glance at the top it states 'a day old'

and don't bother looking at the actual date.