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Complain on freelancer **


On February 28, I setup a Contract ID 29656701 to engage **Edited for Community Guidelines** to work on one-time project for me. On March 13, **Edited for Community Guidelines** submited payment request to claim she has finished my job.  

On March 15, we had an online meeting to ask her to show me what has been achieved. What I saw was little acheivement yet she claimed she has finished my job. I gave her second chance to finish it but she has been giving me excuses and no response at all. And I'm not sure why fund can be released to her without my approval !  
I'm totally very upset the poor service from freelancer, **Edited for Community Guidelines**. Whatever I wrote above can be proved in our conversation.  

Please explain why fund can be release without my approval. 

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J. L wrote:

Please explain why fund can be release without my approval.

They were not. When a freelancer submits a payment request, you have 14 days to stop the funds from being released. All you had to do was click on "Request Changes".

You have up to 30 days from when the funds were released to the freelancers to file a dispute should you choose to do so.

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Please advise how to file a dispute, the fund was released on April 14.   

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re: "I'm totally very upset the poor service from freelancer"


I recommend that you not invest so much emotional energy in an underperforming freelancer.


Don't be upset. Be uninterested.


You are interesting.

Your project is interesting.

Freelancers who help you achieve your goals are interesting.


An underperforming freelancer is not worth my time to think about. There are thousands of underperforming freelancers on Upwork and elsewhere.


I hire a lot of freelancers. Most are great. Some are underperforming. When I realize a freelancer is underperforming, I simply end the contract. I assign the work to the higher quality members of my team. Or I hire someone new if needed.


Don't try to help underperforming freelancers. Don't mentor them.


Put yourself and your project first. Don't care about freelancers who are not helping move your project forward.


Thanks for your message, I was trying to remain calm when I filed this complain. I certianly do not want to make any wrong accusation against this freelancer until I have no choice !   

I advise clients to not be so cautious.


It's not necessary to name freelancers whose work you don't like, or to file complaints about them. How does "filing a compaint" help me?


Just fire them.


I advise client to not think about it so much.


I hired 4 freelancers:

Abbie, Betty, Cindy, and Daphne.

Abbie did fantastic work, at a low cost.

Betty did mediocre work.

Cindy did fantastic work at a very high cost.
Daphne did nothing.

So I just fired everybody except Abbie.


I didn't even bother to think about whether Cindy has an aunt who is the hospital. Or if her dog is depressed. I just fire a bunch of people quickly and keep the ones who are most useful to me.

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