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Hi . i am writing to express my bad experience with your company. i paid to**Edited for Community Guidelines** to write a professional resume and he informed me that it is a professional one, i asked him what I would do if I hadn't been interviewed? He promised me that he will re-write it again free of charge and I haven't been contacted for any interview since Last Oct. Despite sending it to lot of employers and he didn't even reply to me when I tried contact him, does it mean he just get money and didn't reply to the customer when we face problem??

Sameh Mourad 


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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This is not a bad experience with Upwork. It is not even certain that the Freelancer whose name you mention here did anything wrong. Actually, you expecting to pay for a professional resume to be written and be invited to interviews only 2 days later shows that you clearly have unreasonable expectations.


HR managers have seen thousands if not millions of resumes. To have it in a professional format does not mean that they will be impressed. It only means that the content will be easier to read and comprehend. But the content is what they're hiring, not the format.

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It's not only about the resume but also how you express yourself in the cover later.

The resume describes you and you work experience while the cover plays alot ...

Simply detailing check the two as you apply.

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You paid someone to write you a professional resume and seeing that you closed the contract we have to assume that you were happy with what you have received, a professional resume.


It isn't the freelancers responsibility to get you interviews, that is not what you have hired him for.  From the limited information we have it looks like he delivered on what was promised.  To ask someone to rewrite it for you for free 6-7 months later as described in your screenshot is not OK.


Understand that for every job opening companies receive hundreds of resumes, add to that that 90% of job posts are either filled internally or from staff recommendations of friends / family, your chances of landing an interview, let alone a job, from just sending out a resume are simply very small.  Add to this that most companies use some form of automation these days to review resumes, if the keywords they are looking for for a particular job do not appear in your resume (however professionally written) then they will not look at your CV.


There are other factors that play a role such as your cover letter, and your linkedin / social media profiles.  Are you applying for jobs that you are highly suited for?  Have you tried applying through networking rather than cold calling / cold emailing?


My suggestions for you:

1. Use the professional template that you now have, it is a great starting position, and customise the wording to each job that you apply for, one resume does not fit all, personallise the resume to the job. 


Your listed experience needs to be relevant to the job posting in question, a generic CV will not work.  Look for keywords in job postings and if you have the relevant experience adjust your descriptions to include those keywords as well as other relevant keywords to the job.  For example, if I'm looking to hire someone to work in an agile team I might stupilate that they need to know agile in the job description, keywords I would look for are scrum, kanban, SAFe, daily stand up, retrospective, scrum master, product owner, velocity, burn down, etc.


2. Use your network to your advantage, if you are looking for jobs on LinkedIn, check who you may be connected to on the platform that works for this company, reach out to them, tell them that you are considering applying and if they have any tips for you?  Can they recommend you to the hiring manager / HR manager?  Even if you don't know them personally, people are generally willing to help, referrals from employees have a lot more power than cold calling.

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This is wrong perception. Although, I am sorry for your experience. 


1. Freelancer did the job, you've approved it. Period. 

2. As the Candidate, you should be very, very specific when it comes to "professional" resume, you ought to distinguish what is professional in exactly your area and guide Freelancer to the right direction - this is where revisions happens. 

3. No one will ever guarantee you that you will secure your next job because if this CV, and if they do - this is the biggest Red Flag ever you can get on Recruiter or CV Writer. Run. 


Next time you decide to pay for this job - check all the credentials and talk to person, elaborate. And I'm sure they will help you with all the support not only to write, but to guide you on the job market. 


Well, this is what I do for the past 17 years and 5 months here at Upwork. So far, so good. 


Wish you all the best and I'm sure you will secure your next assignment soon. 

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re: "Despite sending it to lot of employers and he didn't even reply to me when I tried contact him, does it mean he just get money and didn't reply to the customer when we face problem?"



You hired a freelancer to provide a service.

He did what he was hired to do.

This is now over.


You may choose to hire this freelancer again and pay this freelancer additional money to do additional work.

Or you may choose to NOT hire this freelancer again.

A bit raw of a reply, but accurate nonetheless...

Preston offers to the point replies which are designed to help people learn from their actions.  No need to beat around the bush.

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