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Contract End Date - how to alter it from the client side?

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A L Member Since: Feb 9, 2016
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Hi Everyone,

I am not well experienced in upwork yet and just came across an issue.  I have a wonderful freelancer and she just accepted a job I posted for her about 4 days ago.  Given her reasons for taking a bit to reply/accept I am more than happy to alter the contract end date to put it a few days further out . . . but from my end I do not see a way to do this once the contract is started.  Can we do this from our end once the contract is started?  If yes, steps?  It is the holidays as well so I would like to take time pressure off the freelancer; and I especially do not want it to appear she was late on the system.  Thank you.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You can not change the contract end date.

But you can safely ignore it.

It is just a text string that serves as a reminder for you.


Upwork does not take any kind of action based on the date. It is only a reference for you. If you are happy with the freelancer's work and do not feel like the freelancer is late with their submission, then you do not need to factor in that original end date when you review or provide feedback to the freelancer.

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A L Member Since: Feb 9, 2016
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Thank you Preston . . . I understand now!